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Finding Everleigh is the kind of book we can all relate to. Everleighs quest to decide what she really wants, inspired by secrets from her past, sends her on a fun adventure through Europe, which is really an adventure of her soul. This armchair travel opportunity will inspire you to take your own journey both abroad and internally.

- Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and award-winning author of When Teddy Came to Tow

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Losing a parent is never easy. For twenty-six-year-old Everleigh, it’s especially difficult since she never knew her father and has no other family. Faced with decisions about what to do with her family home and her own life, Everleigh meets with the family lawyer. When he gives her a shocking letter from her late grandmother, Everleigh’s world begins to unravel.The letter reveals secrets about her mother’s past that make Everleigh question everything she thought she ever knew about herself. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but also ready for an adventure, Everleigh is inspired by the discovery of her grandmother’s diaries to repeat her grandmother’s 1953 solo trip through Europe. Along the way, she will discover fascinating new places, but most importantly, she will discover who she really is.

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Hello from the Author

Donna Rodrigues

Donna Rodrigues was born and raised in Santa Monica, California. At college Donna studied both photography and art. Her debut novel, Finding Everleigh, was inspired by a solo six-month biking and backpacking trip through Europe. Besides writing, Donna loves practicing photography, cycling, traveling, and gardening. She currently lives in Long Beach, California with her husband and her three rescued dogs and two cats.

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