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=========== [ Book Summary ]

This story follows Everleigh, a very sheltered young woman from Seattle, who after suddenly losing her mother has to meet with the estate lawyer, where they go through all of the details of her inheritance. There was nothing shocking, just the normal lawyer-to-client information. Until the lawyer hands her a letter at the end of their meeting, it’s a letter from her Grandmother that she is only supposed to receive after her mother’s passing. But she never knew her grandmother, in fact, she thought her grandmother never knew her. And as she tries to read the letter in the lawyer's office her eyes fill with tears and the world she has always known falls out from under her. She now has to piece together her life, her mother’s life, and a grandmother’s life through journals and photographs she found in her house. The discovery of her mother’s tragic life leads her to want to learn more about her family and herself.

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